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What's a ...Scooter ?

The image on the left shows a KiteScooter (of year 2002), a directional 2-wheel all terrain board (ATB). With the steering controlled by the board tilt which automatically adjusts to the speed. This Scooter can go arbitrarily fast, without loss of control - speeds around 50km/h are common for this kind of board which is designed for kite traction and for downhill riding in a natural environment.
The KiteScooter is the lightest all terrain board available!
My personal comparison of different land-kiting boards can be found here.

The CableScooter is a slick-shod version of the KiteScooter, in this guise the rider is pulled by a bungee behind a car or motor-cycle. We call this crazy sport 'cable-scooting'. It's very similar to riding a race-board on snow and is the ultimate adrenaline rush.
There is also a variant of this board with a steering column, similar to a kick-board. This column used to activate a drum brake when pulled backwards. However, we gave up the concept of the column activation of the brake. It's more fun if you can lean backwards and do some more tricks. Foot activation has proved to be more controllable and the brake system can be much less in weight. This scoot is HUGE fun in the city especially if you have steep roads. We also use this type to ride down mountain passes in the Alps (Übersaxen/Austria, Julier pass/Switzerland)...

The WindScooter is the windsurfer's waveboard for concrete and turf. Our very first Scooter was a WindScooter. It's about 20cm longer than the other scooters and has a windsurf-sail attached. The WindScooter allows both very high speed (you bet!) and extreme tilt for moves. It revels in big winds - so far we have ridden in wind speeds up to 55km/h giving a board speed of about 80km/h while under full control, i.e. we're doing 360°s and jibes at this speed! Really, not that kind of laboratory condition speed records you know from the press or advertisments like 200km/h on inline skates or up to 100km/h on a mountainboard but riding at full control. It's not about riding fast, it's how you ride fast!

If you associated something different with windscooting or my person, then look at my Electronics or Software activities.

Last modified: April 2017
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